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What makes us different

Men's fashion has slowed in growth over the last 100 years. The gentlemen's suit has rarely changed and has lead generations to fall into the same "classic suit" trap. With LeGrand Leseur bespoke suits we are here to change that by bringing a unique and different look to our brand by constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to express one's self. Everyone looks the same and with LeGrand Leseur, we can change that.


4 key, specially designed, features that separate a LeGrand Leseur suit from everyone else:


1. The Blooming Oval breast pocket™: A hint of elegance evolution that has been missing from the chest pocket for many years. With the Blooming Chest pocket, pocket squares become optional. The flair and classiness is there already therefore a pocket square is no longer needed.


2. Pyramid Sleeves™: LeGrand Leseur created a new type of sleeve to help break up the limited amount of men's jewelry that can be worn. Not only does the men's sleeve now have more personality by accenting in a slanted triangular shape but now there is slightly more room on the sleeve end by adding our classic triangular cut to the cuff. When the sleeve is not contrasted there still is a top stich to highlight the sleeve.


3. Angled Button Holes: A little something more to separate you from the norm by adding slanted button holes that come down from the top left to bottom right.


4. Optional 1 color sided lapels: Regardless if it is peak, notch, shaw or even our up and coming Extended peak™, you now have the control on where you want to have a little added elegance. Left side? Right side? Both sides? Neither? It is all up to you!


All of our current options are customizable for our bespoke suits while new ones are being added everyday. For more infomation you can Request a Quote.

LeGrand Leseur