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LeGrand Leseur

"Everyone is spending hundreds even thousands of dollars on designs they don't like causing them to fall in normality. Everyone is buying things that looks like everything else that everyone else is wearing. I want to change that. I want you to like what you are wearing not because someone told you it looked good, but because you help create the vision yourself. You dont fit in, stop trying to."

-LeGrand Leseur

Origin: Philadelphia

Birth: August 12th 1990

Food: Sushi

Music: Lana Del Rey

Book: "Will to Power"

Color: Red

TV: Breaking Bad

With an interesting sense and love of fashion LeGrand Leseur wanted to push the limits by creating interesting suits and looks that havent been done before. This led him to become the number 1 voted "Best Tuxedo" and "Best Men's Clothing" for PHL 17's Hotlist competition. LeGrand also won Philly Happening's award for Best Men's reatil. After successfully pitching and making a few designs to some of the most prominent people and clients in Philadelphia, LeGrand decide to make his looks more accessible to the masses. This led him at the age of 23 to officially launch the fashion house under his name in 2013 and become one of the top designers and creative directors in the area.